About Unblended

Innovation in food tracing: Unblended is a blockchain-based software platform, designed to meet the needs of agri-food chains

About Unblended

The blockchain is a digital chain made up of “blocks” in chronological sequence that record data using cryptography. This means that, once a data has been recorded, it cannot be modified or deleted in any way except by invalidating the entire chain.

Unblended records the production steps in an unalterable way, from the origin of the raw material to the shelf, ensuring maximum transparency and data certainty.

How it works

The Unblended platform consists of two areas: core tracking and additional tracking.

CORE Tracking
CORE Tracking

Three fundamental variables are recorded on the blockchain chain, which remain unalterable and public:
1. the quantities of product delivered (eg milk, wheat, oil)
2. the supplier (from which company the product comes)
3. the exact time and place of the transfer through geotag / time-stamp

Additional trackings
Additional trackings

The flows of other data can be added to the management information system, at the request of the producer:
• animal welfare
• organoleptic properties
• other additional production materials
• meteorological trends
• seasonal flows
• other components on request

The supply chain

How Unblended accompanies the processes of the supply chain.

Raw material
1. Raw material

Conferment from individual producers to collective collection, (e.g. tank) through the passage between producer and transporter.

2. Transportation

Conferment of the Transporters to the Transformer (batch of milk, oil, wheat). The sum of the contributions determines the quantity of certified raw material charged to the Transformer.

3. QRcode

Generazione del QRcode che il Trasformatore (es. caseificio, mulino, frantoio) inserisce nell’etichetta del prodotto finale in base alla provenienza delle materie prime.

4. Tracing

Lettura del QRcode da tutti gli attori della filiera fino al consumatore finale, per verificare la provenienza del latte trasformato e le sue lavorazioni.

Activation and pricing

Unblended is Self Service: activate your account within 48 hours.
Custom integrations with company management systems are always possible via API.
Unblended is Licence based or Pay-As-You-Go with customized plans for different needs.